Sunday, 22 April 2012

Result for the above 2 day festival Sponsored by GURU. 22 anglers booked on to fish this festival fished on the Walworth and Marshes lakes. Day one results: 1st Damian Green (Garbolino Blackhorse) 39-6-0 Walworth peg 13. Carp on the pole and pellet. 2nd Steve Bull (Northampton) 39-0-0 Walworth peg 2 3rd Kev Green (Chiltern bait) 29-8-0 Marshes peg 2 4th Mark Grtiffiths (Guru/Daiwa) 27-13-0 Walworth peg 4 Day two results: 1st Ryan Harris (Sensas mark one) 31-2-0 Walworth peg 5. Bream on pellet 2nd Steve Allison (Warwickshire) 29-4-0 Walworth peg 2 3rd Derek Cullip (Warwickshire) 21-3-0 Marshes peg 13 4th Andy Pell (Guru/Daiwa) 20-5-0 Marshes peg 6 Overall top 6: 1st Kevin Green (Chiltern bait) 12 pts 2nd Steve Bull (Northampton) 11 pts (weight) 3rd Derek Cullip (Warwickshire) 11 pts 4th Grant Howie (Chiltern baits) 11 pts 5th Ryan Harris (Sensas mark one) 10 pts (weight) 6th Andy Pell (Guru/Daiwa) 10 pts