Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bishops Bowl Summer League 4th May

A great start to the Bishops Bowl summer league with 13 anglers starting us off nicely.

It was fished on Marshes 1 and 2 and the top 6 were:-

1st James Taylor         29lb 14oz

2nd John King             27lb 1oz

3rd Rob Adams           23lb 3oz

4th Alan Fern             19lb 14oz

5th Greg Satchel         18lb 4oz

6th Ian Macdonald      18lb 1oz


A number of matches over the weekend produced larger than average sized carp on Bishops Bowl match lakes, with Sunday's open match fishing particularly well.

20 anglers fished, the leader of the pack being:-

Richard Kinnersley of FInedon, with 70lb 7oz, which comprised 12 carp. 

Second was Jimmy Boyle, with 64lb 12oz, bream and carp in equal measures. 

Third was Derek Cullip, Banbury Gunsmiths, 59lb 11oz, 4th, 

Phil Hull of Lanes, 48lb 1oz. 

The average weight was in excess of 30lb of mixed species.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

BCAC Qualifier

Here are the results from the BCAC on Greenhill at the weekend.

Place.PairsTeamWeightNo. Fish
.Nathan Crowder / Lee Bruce125 lb 15 oz7
.Callum Tripod Gutteridgee / Karl PalmerDNA Baits62 lb 0 oz5
.Dean Cuthbert / Onyx Lamiin37 lb 15 oz2
.Ashley Taylor / Rob JulyanCarp-Talk26 lb 14 oz2
.ROB DRAKE / Mark Hilton19 lb 6 oz1
.Carl Rimmer / Jamie Pearson13 lb 2 oz1
12 .Craig Gorrill / Simon Tansley0 lb 0 oz0
12 .Miranda Brown / Dwayne Chin0 lb 0 oz0
12 .Richard Higham / Tom Fellows0 lb 0 oz0
12 .Rick Hurst / Lee PostlewhiteVortex Baits0 lb 0 oz0
12 .Scott Fry / Andy Chappell0 lb 0 oz0
12 .Simon Wheeler / Mark Sawyer0 lb 0 oz0

Bishops Carp Match 28th - 30th June

If you fancy fishing the bishops carp match on the 28th-30th june come and pay your deposit of £100, 

It's starting to fill up.