Sunday, 6 June 2010

News: in the last 6 weeks the specimen carp lakes, Mitre and Greenhill have been fishing well with several anglers catching over 20 fish in 48 hours, with the largest being a 24lb 5oz mirror, and a 23lb 4oz common caught by Alan Fearne.
On greenhill, once located, the carp are being caught relatively easily, with one angler having 8 in one weekend, the largest of which was 17lbs.

Results of match 5.6.10

1st. Rob Bassett. 55lb 4oz. Banbury Gunsmiths.
2nd. Wayne Price. 54lb. Baileys.
3rd. Pete Bennett. 48lb 8oz. Banbury Gunsmiths and Yorkshire Bait.

Fishing was a lot more consistent throughout. The ever consistent Rob Bassett catching small carp on a short pole with corn on the bottom, and skimmers and the odd large carp on the long pole. All in all, an excellent display of pole fishing for a mixed net of fish.
Wayne caught on the pellet waggler, shallow. His catch was made up of 9 decent sizwed carp.
Pete drew the corner peg 15, catching small carp on meat close in in the early stages, and a few larger fish later on.

Results of Banbury Gunsmiths match 30.5.10.

1st. George England. 46lb 2oz.
2nd. Derek Cullett 36lb 13oz.
3rd. Rob Bassett 29lb 6oz.

Results of match 29.5.10

1st Pete Bennett. 66lb 11oz. Yorkshire Baits and Banbury Gunsmiths.
2nd. ian Morris. 44lb 8oz. Bishops Bowl Fishery.
3rd. Rob Bassett. 28lb 7oz. Banbury Gunsmiths.

Pete Bennett showed an excellent display of pellet waggler fishing, feeding regularly but lightly. the catch included carp to 9lbs.
Ian caught large carp using a similar method.
Rob caught on the long pole with pellet and corn on the bottom, catching mainly skimmers and small carp.
The match fished hard due to heavy spawning activity during the previous week, and the weather conditions.

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